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Feets November 14, 2007

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People on the train were not cooperating this evening. They all kept moving their feet.


Nov. 12 November 12, 2007

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I’ve been so impressed with everybody’s ink drawings I pulled out some markers I got for Christmas last year and used them to draw one of the Crocs I wear when I paint. It’s certainly more vivid than graphite or charcoal!



Drawing 7: Boot

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Originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

I notice lots of people draw their hands and feet and such, so it was time for me to try the same.

The seventh pencil drawing I’ve done. I’m going to switch to colored pencils for the next group of drawings.

As I often do, I’ve written more about this drawing at My Brilliant Mistakes.


Jacqui 11/9 – Foot with color November 10, 2007

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Adding color via Photoshop layers to my 11/4/07 post.

color foot


Jacqui 11/4 – Crossed foot November 5, 2007

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Was stuck in a chair all day long. A sketch of my crossed foot between dimmings of the overhead lights.

My crossed foot


Did I do it ? November 1, 2007

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Hello – its November the first.

I drew a picture.

I’m pretty sure I got it to show up at Flickr – do I need to do anything to get it to show up over on the right hand side of this page? Or have I done it? (I can’t see it there yet).

I used coloured pencils and oil pastels to draw my picture. I drew the Kewpie dolls because they were on top of the cupboard where my coloured pencils were, and I saw them when I went to get the pencils out. I like their odd proportions and the big one’s red shoes.


Black Friday November 26, 2006

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I usually stay home and hide under the couch on the day after Thanksgiving, but I had a wedding to attend on Saturday and discovered on Thursday that neither of the never-worn formal dresses I’d had in mind to wear, um, fit anymore. Oops. When did that happen?

I have a lot of dresses, but most of them are everyday affairs, or inappropriate for November. I knew this would be a relatively casual wedding (as it turned out, the groomsmen all wore white Converse sneakers), but if you can’t dress up for a wedding, when can you dress up? So out I went into the Black Friday madness. And let me tell you, it was scary out there.

At first I was very focused. I took the subway to SoHo and shoved my way directly to Max Studio, the store for which I had the highest hopes. Of course, they didn’t have the dress I wanted in my size, but I didn’t really have a Plan B, so I spent maybe an hour there trying things on. Eventually I left with a black-and-white flowered dress and a graceful but too-solemn skirt, and then I went across the street to Eileen Fisher and got a much more grown-up solid black dress. The material was gorgeous, and the dress was on deep, deep sale, and I know that all the cool people are wearing black to weddings these days, but I just don’t enjoy wearing black. The stores were mobbed, though, and my feet were already starting to hurt (you have to wear heels when you’re going to try on clothes that you’re planning to wear with heels, of course), so then . . . I went to Camper to console myself. There, I got these shoes that do not go with either of the dresses I bought, nor would I wear them to the wedding anyway, since I can’t dance in wedges, and I don’t even like wedge heels, but . . .


I mean, come on. A flower and grass? I had to.


My left foot November 16, 2006

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my left foot

11/15/06: I started off hating this, not because it’s a horrid cliche but because the lines were off. But you know what? All I had to do was loosen things up, thicken the lines and voila! It’s a drawing that I actually kinda like. There’s a lesson there somewhere.


One shoe November 14, 2006

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Finally tried my pastel pencils. Prefer to use them on coloured paper, so I found some and taped it into the sketchbook. I love drawing with pastels even if it makes me sneeze, because of the dust.


Day 4 Drawing November 6, 2006

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I know it’s Day 6 already, but I’ve drawn up big drawing plans for tonight. Here’s Day 4, one of my favorite shoes.

DrawMo! Day 3