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266 November 5, 2007

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The problem with setting myself the challenge of doing all of this month’s drawings outside my apartment is that . . . on some weekend days, I just don’t leave my apartment.

Today was one of those sort of days, but because I take my DrawMooing very seriously, I made myself go outside, walk around for about fifteen minutes to warm up, and then park myself on a stoop to draw.

My neighborhood is lousy with stoops, but my building doesn’t happen to have one. And I didn’t want to freak anybody out or get yelled at for sitting on some stranger’s steps, so I ended up on the steps of the one public building on my street, which is some kind of medical center. And this doorway across from me was the only thing I could see that was lit well enough to draw.

To give you an idea of how pathetic my night vision is: I thought I was using a black pen.

Anyway. If I hadn’t been drawing this, I would never have noticed the skeleton hanging beneath the lefthand lamp; there are also some kind of Halloween decals on the glass of the doors. In a few days, it’ll probably be replaced with Christmas decorations. My neighborhood is very big on decorations.