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Day 7 – Architheque November 7, 2007

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Jacqui 11/5 – Glass with lemon November 6, 2007

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At Norm’s 24-hour restaurant.

Glass with lemon

They have a mini-Sunday. Just the perfect size. It didn’t last long enough for a sketch. :-)


Day 1 – Architheque November 2, 2007

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Looks like I might be posting with a one day lag.  I’m on Pacific Time, and I do my drawings before bed!


Pen and ink November 20, 2006

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I used to use fountain pens all the time. Then I guess I got tired of always having ink on my fingers. Did these with some Parker brown ink and a tacky blue and gold Schaeffer I was given when I quit PEN the first time around. (The second time I quit, I got bupkis.)

This is one of those cases where positioning the drawing anywhere else on the page would have made it more interesting:
Ink Bottle

And this is one of those cases where I wish I’d remembered to redo my nails this weekend:
Utility Knife


Jar with buttons November 13, 2006

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Inspired by Indias jar earlier this week I decided to give my jar full of buttons a try. (Because I’m a lazy person and didn’t have the engergy to save the highlights out, I just splashed on some white guache.)


Leg Candy November 7, 2006

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I tried to be sneaky and draw while waiting for the subway, but it seems that I’ve merely found another Magical Thinking™ method of making the train come faster.* I had barely started to sketch this guy’s legs in their somewhat silly jeans (his back was to me), working fast, when he stepped over his bag and paced around to the other side of the platform. There was another guy facing me, watching, so I tried to act nonchalant, like I hadn’t really been drawing the guy who moved. I continued to draw his bag, and then started in on the tiles, and then the train rolled in.

SS Leg

It was about 12:15 a.m., and usually my train takes forEVER to come at that hour, but there it was. Oh, well.

So, back to inanimate objects; they can’t escape me.

Candy Jar

This is my blue glass mason jar full of candy. Most of the candy inside it is this solid sugar stuff that looks like seashells. I bought the jar at a tag sale sixteen years ago, and I inherited the candy with my desk at a job I started ten years ago. Obviously, it is purely decorative candy. So, a glass jar full of seashells, if you will.

* The best Magical Thinking method of making the train come is to bring knitting and start working on it while standing on the platform. The train will come immediately, and it will always be so full so that you can’t get a seat. Or, if there are seats, they’re all those cramped middle ones where you won’t have enough elbow room to knit.

The best technique for making the train not come is to forget to bring a book or iPod or other amusement. The more bored and sleepy you are, the longer the train will take to arrive. It’s foolproof.