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Squash November 21, 2007

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Happy Thanksgiving. If you’d like a shot at receiving this postcard, stop by the blog at blog.natdickinson.com.


More Cake November 19, 2007

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Chocolate Cake

If you’d like to get this postcard drawing, stop by the blog.


Medicine November 18, 2007

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I’ve caught a cold, probably from those germy tango people, so I made a hot toddy: cognac, honey, lemon juice, hot water, a cinnamon stick, and three cloves.

Because I felt like a wet rag today, I went outside only to get chicken soup and more tissues. Sitting in the cold to draw did not seem like a good idea. This, therefore, is the first day of DrawMo! 2007 that I drew inside my apartment. So I tried to make it up to the world by making the process really, really tedious, using the very thin pens that I don’t have in brown. It’s hard to draw cognac, gold leaf, and wood without a brown pen.

It took me so long to draw this that by the time I was done and could pick up the glass, my drink was cold. I reheated it (in a different glass—can’t microwave gold leaf) in the microwave.


Drawing #10: Cup of Tea November 16, 2007

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Cup of Tea

Originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

Frustrating. I couldn’t get my hands to make this at all what I wanted. Part way through, when it was turning out just a brown blob, I started adding cartoonish bold outlines, which salvaged it a little.


Joining Drawmo Terribly Late

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I’ve been lurking in the background of Drawmo, sending drawings to the Flickr group as I post drawings for Nablopomo.   And I’ve been giving the drawings away as postcard art.

Here’s the latest free postcard art– our leftover coconut cake is lucky number thirteen. Enter by commenting on the post in my blog and emailing a delivery address, just like it says here.



oh man November 13, 2007

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i’ve been reaaally bad about updating my drawmos! i’ve been not quite as bad at actually drawing them, but i am a few days behind.. my weekends are always so busy. i might not get to do one every day of the month, but i’m going to make sure i do one for every day of the month!
so here are three more for now, days 5, 6 and 7.
day 5, tree on hill. i was bored with my normal scribbly way of drawing in paint, so i decided to do a drawing using mostly left right strokes. out of bordumb more than anything else.

day 6, pink dino died. not ultra realistic, but hey, it’s a paintbrush drawing.

day 7, bread in space. i did another version where there were stars and things in the back, but i didn’t like it as much.

as always, click on the picture for the larger version.
i could say that i’m going to be better at updating on time, but knowing me, saying something like that is a sure fire way to make sure i don’t do that.. so i’m going to just say this; by the end of all this, there will be 30 drawings on here from me. probably all in paint.


choices November 11, 2007

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drawing of beer bottles

Beer bottles on the shelf at Barbès in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

I got to the bar good and early, because last time I went to see Les Chauds Lapins at Barbès, I arrived just as they were starting, and the eensy performance space was packed. I stood pressed into a doorway for the first half and had to stand outside the room altogether, behind a guy who was, like, seven feet tall, for the second half.

Of course, when I arrived for this show, the band wasn’t there yet, and the room was closed. So I sat at the end of the bar and ordered a beer, and then I spent a few minutes steeling myself to draw in public.

Maybe ten minutes in, the very nice bartender saw me drawing and brought over a candle—thereby changing all the shadows and highlights. “No! You’re ruining it!” I said. “But thanks!”

Later on, while I waited for the band to start (from a seat in the second row, right in front of Meg!), I decided to tidy up the drawing, blacking in some of the shadows more. One of the first things I did? Fill in the highlights on the Anchor Steam bottle. Oops. Had to put them back in using Photoshop. At the same time, I obviously forgot to apply any shading to the label on the same bottle.

I chose a draft beer, myself—Blue Point Toasted Lager, which I’d never heard of before. Tasty.