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Me in foils November 24, 2009

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Me in foils, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

I am quite far behind in this DrawMo experience — but then again, I am drawing more than I normally would, as I ordinarily don’t draw at all. So by that measure I’m on target.

This is a quick self-portrait from last night, drawn as I sat at the hair salon letting my hair change colors.


gaelic November 23, 2009

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Playing with Latin script today by exploring a little Scottish Gaelic. My favorite is Gaelic for terrific:- ‘S math sin – which is believed to be the origin of the Brit’s smashing.


tifinagh November 22, 2009

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Playing around with the Tifinagh script this evening (similar to the ancient Berber script) used primary in decorations or in love letters. Thought it would be interesting to turn a word or phrase in a quilt block.


Favorites from Sketchcrawl

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Featuring Allan in critique mode, Suma sketching, a violinist, a really awesome gentleman reading Infinite Jest (!), and a tree.



I was lucky enough to participate in the Worldwide Sketchcrawl (like a pubcrawl, but with more more hand/eye coordination) this Saturday. The NYC group met in front of the Chelsea Wine Vault at the Chelsea Market at 11 a.m. and, minus a break for lunch at 3 p.m., the last of us drew until 6:30 p.m. We spent the early afternoon on the High Line, then did post-lunch sketching at Chelsea Market (there was string quartet playing and great people watching), and ended the day with a walk to Times Square—stopping on the way to sketch a taco truck on 29th Street.

You can see other New Yorkers’ sketches and photos over at the Sketchcrawl boards. My drawings and links to fellow Sketchcrawlers’ blogs are after the jump…



anywhere but here November 21, 2009

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anywhere but here

Had a bad attitude when I started the sketch, clearly I was trying to escape my present reality by imagining Italy, or France, or anywhere but here.


Oops. I forgot to post yesterday.

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Venus of the Birds.



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Based on Boucher.


nina November 20, 2009

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Twenty done, ten to go.


stop and smell the iris November 19, 2009

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stop and smell the iris

Hmm, do irises have a fragrance or are they all show? After a quick search of wikipedia, I did read that the orris root and sometimes the iris flowers are added to Bombay Gin for flavor and color… maybe I should have said ‘stop and brew the iris.’