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Oops again. November 26, 2009

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I’ve been posting at Flickr and neglecting here.


blues new shoe

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blues new shoe

Some Arabic words/phrases and one shoe. Hard to believe that there are only five drawing days left.


ge’ez chicken November 24, 2009

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ge'ez chicken

This is the rut I’m in at the moment… working with some Ge’ez script. Disappointed that I wasn’t “drawing” anything, so I tossed a chicken (ዶሮ ) into the mix. Cluck.


Me in foils

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Me in foils, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

I am quite far behind in this DrawMo experience — but then again, I am drawing more than I normally would, as I ordinarily don’t draw at all. So by that measure I’m on target.

This is a quick self-portrait from last night, drawn as I sat at the hair salon letting my hair change colors.


gaelic November 23, 2009

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Playing with Latin script today by exploring a little Scottish Gaelic. My favorite is Gaelic for terrific:- ‘S math sin – which is believed to be the origin of the Brit’s smashing.


tifinagh November 22, 2009

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Playing around with the Tifinagh script this evening (similar to the ancient Berber script) used primary in decorations or in love letters. Thought it would be interesting to turn a word or phrase in a quilt block.


Favorites from Sketchcrawl

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Featuring Allan in critique mode, Suma sketching, a violinist, a really awesome gentleman reading Infinite Jest (!), and a tree.