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not a drawing but a gesture by spring March 27, 2007

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Well, I’m not even going to try to label the days here . . . November 20, 2006

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8, 9, 10, 11, 12 November 13, 2006

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candlestick.jpg stovepipe.JPG shed.JPG ideefixe.JPG spiral.JPG


Caught up! November 8, 2006

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  1. Viewfinder for feeling sad about Adrienne Shelly.
    Viewfinder for Feeling Sad about Adrienne Shelly
  2. Pushduck on Tibet bag.
    PushDuck on Tibet Bag
  3. Quasi Quilt (not entirely an Op Art conceit; 2-D representation of a quilt top I originally designed on graph paper, then sewed and hung up over my study window a few years ago).
  4. Sharpener. I was feeling pretty happy about this until my crosshatched shadow turned into a spiderweb.

Um, can anybody help me rotate the last two images? [Done. —IA]


Susan Days 2 and 3: sheepskin things November 6, 2006

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Susan’s drawings – Day 1 November 2, 2006

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Sunoco Ghost

knobby street tree, rooftop, moon


Timely issue of Tin House magazine October 31, 2006

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The new Graphics issue of Tin House magazine is full of Lynda Barry goodness and other relevant artsiness.

I went “shopping” in the bottom drawer of my dresser last night but somehow can’t find my set of those Derwent pencils. Or my big box of colored pencils. But I now have a felt bag full of lots of markers and a Moleskine and another Moleskine and some vintage #2 pencils and Mars eraser. Ready? Well, here’s hoping!

Drawing exercise suggestion: While listening to a favorite album/CD/playlist, make a drawing for each song.


The Country Mouse October 19, 2006

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Before anything else, let’s just take a minute and quietly appreciate India. Sure, she’s an all-round Catalyst for Good and Teacher of All, but more immediately: “drawmonaut” is the neologism of the year.

I am: Susan, India’s friend from college. Writer, editor, proofreader, naturalist, librarian at large. I’ve worked in publishing for about a decade and live upstate. Planning to make a run at NaNoWriMo, too, in an attempt to extract a novel that’s been embedded just below the surface for a few years now.

Art training: Watercolor lessons when young. Logged many teenage hours browsing narrow aisles of now-defunct eraser-and-turpentine-redolent local art supplies store. Studio art and much art history in college. Was sorely tempted to pursue museum work, but decided it was a dead end for me because I like living in the middle of nowhere rather than at the center of everything. Evening art classes here and there: scientific and botanical illustration. Occasional narrative-minded painting with gouache. My new resolve to develop a regular drawing habit—as opposed to semiannual painting fits and drawing on things I’m writing—inspired by last week’s post on India, Ink., and by observing how much my husband has enjoyed his own art practice (brush and ink) for the last few years.

Favorite drawing/reading/writing/thinking noises: Andrew Bird. M. Ward. Glenn Gould’s Solitude Trilogy.