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Windmill, Open window, Giraffe November 27, 2006

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Windmill; click for larger version

11/24/06: A windmill in La Mancha, Spain, drawn from a photo I shot in late September.

Open window; click for larger version

11/25/06: Looking up at an apartment building on Van Buren Street, San Diego. Drawn from a photo.

Giraffe; click for larger version

11/26/06: I know I said earlier that I wouldn’t post any more faces, but after our visit to the San Diego Zoo, I couldn’t resist. Drawn from a photo.


3318 November 24, 2006

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3318; click for larger version

11/23/06: A house in the neighborhood, drawn from a photo, because I didn’t think it’d be wise to sit on the sidewalk and stare at the place for an hour and a half. This is one of the many beautiful Spanish-style houses in our part of San Diego.


Iraqi woman in CJR November 23, 2006

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Iraqi woman in CJR; click for larger version

11/22/06: Drawn from a photo in the Columbia Journalism Review. I’m fairly unhappy with this. As usual for me, while the expression (concern, a bit of alarm) is reasonably accurate, I’ve drawn someone who looks nothing like the person in the photo. It’s unlikely that I’ll subject you to any more faces this month.

So, not the world’s greatest drawing. But! Keep reading for an amazing story of sketching and serendipity.



Cafeteria portraits November 22, 2006

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Cafeteria faces; click for larger version

11/21/06, in the cafeteria at work: The one in the middle actually looks like its subject (despite a couple of false starts on the back of his head). The others, less so.


I dunno, why not 5? November 20, 2006

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5; click for larger version

11/19/06: This was inspired by Jasper Johns, although you don’t see a lot of stippling in his work.

By the way, the New York Times Book Review has picked its 10 best-illustrated children’s books for 2006. All the illustrations in the slide show are terrific, but oddly, I find the Maurice Sendak less interesting than several of the others.


At the beach November 19, 2006

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At the beach; click for larger version

11/18/06, Fifth Street beach access, Encinitas, Calif. It’s probably apparent that these are separate scenes and aren’t to scale. The volleyball player on the right isn’t really taller than the umbrella, and that woman isn’t really looking at him.


My left foot November 16, 2006

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my left foot

11/15/06: I started off hating this, not because it’s a horrid cliche but because the lines were off. But you know what? All I had to do was loosen things up, thicken the lines and voila! It’s a drawing that I actually kinda like. There’s a lesson there somewhere.