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blues new shoe November 26, 2009

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blues new shoe

Some Arabic words/phrases and one shoe. Hard to believe that there are only five drawing days left.


Today November 26, 2008

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Today’s speaker

In class today we had a visiting speaker from the New York Times who sat while showing us their website. This resulted in some interesting contortions, such as cross-body mousing.


Day 25. Samantha Hahn. With Balloons. December 25, 2007

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balloon 40's woman


Day 25 November 25, 2007

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remote control heartbreak


Windmill, Open window, Giraffe November 27, 2006

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Windmill; click for larger version

11/24/06: A windmill in La Mancha, Spain, drawn from a photo I shot in late September.

Open window; click for larger version

11/25/06: Looking up at an apartment building on Van Buren Street, San Diego. Drawn from a photo.

Giraffe; click for larger version

11/26/06: I know I said earlier that I wouldn’t post any more faces, but after our visit to the San Diego Zoo, I couldn’t resist. Drawn from a photo.


Ninja November 26, 2006

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At the wedding yesterday, each guest received a little gift bag containing an apple brought by the bride’s mother from upstate New York, the bride’s recipe for apple crisp, and two plastic ninjas in dispenser machine bubbles:


The bride had spent years (and many, many quarters) collecting these ninjas, buying one whenever she came across a dispenser. Yesterday, she released them into the wild.


Day 25

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doll 25

Gouache again – trying not to fuss.


Wordplay November 25, 2006

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This seemed like a good idea…

My husband and I recently watched the movie Wordplay and for the last couple of weeks we have attempted to do the NYTimes crossword puzzle. The first few days of the week are no problem but by the time we get to Friday we start “googling” answers!