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SketchcrawlMo November 22, 2009

I was lucky enough to participate in the Worldwide Sketchcrawl (like a pubcrawl, but with more more hand/eye coordination) this Saturday. The NYC group met in front of the Chelsea Wine Vault at the Chelsea Market at 11 a.m. and, minus a break for lunch at 3 p.m., the last of us drew until 6:30 p.m. We spent the early afternoon on the High Line, then did post-lunch sketching at Chelsea Market (there was string quartet playing and great people watching), and ended the day with a walk to Times Square—stopping on the way to sketch a taco truck on 29th Street.

You can see other New Yorkers’ sketches and photos over at the Sketchcrawl boards. My drawings and links to fellow Sketchcrawlers’ blogs are after the jump…



Oops. I forgot to post yesterday. November 21, 2009

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Venus of the Birds.


nina November 20, 2009

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Twenty done, ten to go.


Day 20. Just a doodle. Samantha Hahn. December 20, 2007

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vogue red drawings


Bourbon & Bob November 21, 2007

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bourbon toddy
The second hot toddy I’ve applied to my current rhinovirus. I ordered this one at a bar near my office, where I go because they have really good food. The bartender had never made a hot toddy before, however, and although he was game, this was not a very good one. Especially since even though I thought I shouted "Scotch!" quite loud enough over the Rolling Stones (which is what he plays, 90 percent of the time), in the event, he made my drink with bourbon, which I don’t like. Also, not enough lemon, and not enough honey. Or, to look at it another way, too much water. Your choice.

And, as a dubious bonus drawing for yesterday, there’s this:


I try not to make a habit of this, but I needed some artwork to illustrate a story about that new Bob Dylan movie, and I didn’t want to use a typical stock photo. I’d tried half-assedly to hire an illustrator for it last week, but he was busy. So, with apologies to both Milton Glaser and Aubrey Beardsley (what a combo!), I drew my own. The final version is in the story: The Wandering Kind.


Day 20 November 20, 2007

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An interrupted day is NOT conducive to drawing, so I doodled or at least went through the motions of what could/might/should’ve been a doodle.