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I don’t want your strange cake from Brooklyn! November 14, 2009

YES! Finishing Week 2 all caught up!

The title of this post is a quote from Gabourey Sidibe and is taken from the AV Club’s interview with Lee Daniels and Gabby. I haven’t seen Precious (the last movie I saw in a theater was Up—now out on DVD!), but I keep coming across Gabby’s interviews and enjoying the hell out of them. Monique is in Precious as well, and I got the reference for her sketch from the same New York Times Magazine article, but she came out looking a little Fembot-ish. Doesn’t do the Robert Maxwell photo justice at all. I drew Jessica Valenti of Feministing from a higher-res picture and larger on the page, which is probably the way to go.

In fact, I have a big ol’ 11 in. × 14 in. pad I should probably have the gonads to use now that we’re halfway through DrawMo!


Three Graces

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Based on a Greco-Roman frieze.




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Racing as fast as I can today to get out of the house – 5 minute sketch, and off to Portland to see Philip Glass’ Orphée, but first, cocktails at a light dinner Andina’s.


Gone but not forgotten November 18, 2008

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Sorry I haven’t been around—what a bad hostess! I have been trying to keep up with the drawing, though. Here are a bunch:

Stage swag


Samantha Hahn: Ugh, more shoes. Day 14. They’re easy and fun for daily drawings December 13, 2007

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Drawmo! Day 14

I just put the apple pattern into the boot drawing. Don’t know if I’d don them but they’re fine on paper…or screen.


Drawing 14: Studies of Spook November 19, 2007

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Studies of Spook, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

My other cat. Handsome, isn’t he?

As usual, wouldn’t sit still for a portrait. The small head was what I started with, then he settled into a profile position and I got to draw that view. Finally I started calling him over, so I could capture the look of his eyes.

Need a way to draw a lighter, almost sea green for the eyes.



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I spent part of last week traveling, and discovered that an airline seat is actually a good place for drawing. A few impressions, in no particular order.

What I could see on the flight out.

seat 9B

A traveling companion. I meant to sketch him in different settings during my trip, but failed.

lego man

The warning panel over my seat.

overhead lights

A very chatty, very loud, very tall woman spent much of my flight talking to someone in first class. She actually did exist in three dimensions, despite what this drawing might suggest.


A wall near the Starbucks in Concourse C at Minneapolis-St. Paul International.

concourse wall


catching up

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been busy as trying to set up an ebay shop, so while I’ve done my drawings I haven’t made time to post them (tsk tsk). They’re all on flickr, but I’ll just post a couple that I don’t hate here.





Day 14 – Architheque November 15, 2007

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Sketched on the surface of a candle in pencil, then painted over in gold leaf.


drawing class model

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Tonight was my figure drawing class. This is my least favorite model (personal reasons), but I was trying out a new soft charcoal pencil I had never used before and liked the results. Although I had to keep sharpening it every two seconds it seemed.