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First drawing since 6th grade! Um. . .yay? November 3, 2006

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OK, yesterday I broke down and did it. And you know what? It was actually FUN. YES, you evil DrawMoNauts, you’ve converted me to your dark side!! I didn’t have a way to get it to y’all, being too embarrassed to ask the graphics folks to scan it for me, but I remembered today there’s a camera in my cell phone. So I apologize for the quality.

Drawing 1

Of course, I didn’t have anything nice to draw on or with. Those of you in the newspaper biz will recognize the paper as what we call a “page dummy.” (“What did you call me??”) The phone, sadly, is the one on my desk. Yes, our paper has yet to make it into the 21st century of telecommunications. Note the sticker that had an old extension on it, that was crossed out with the new one.

My pencil? Partially sharpened “Sparco Saver No. 2 Medium Soft.” Eraser? The pink kind, on the other end. Worked fine though. Shading? Um. . .what’s that? That’s a lesson for another day. ;-)


My stick figures don’t stick! October 18, 2006

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Allow me to introduce the worst artist in the blog, until someone else tries to knock me off the mountain. ;-)

A journalist friend pointed me towards India’s blog, which I enjoyed very much, and since I’ve crapped out on NaNoWriMo enough years, I figured it was time again to beat myself up for creative work I’m supposed to be doing but am not. :-P

OK: My name’s Denise, and I’m a newspaper copy editor/page designer living in Daytona Beach, Fla. Yes, we own a motorcycle. Yes, we will attend Biketoberfest events this weekend. No, I do not have any tattoos. (I asked my husband’s tattoo artist yesterday, with a straight face, if he would put a tribal sun on my lower back, and I was kicked out while everyone laughed.) I’m also a native New Yorker (meaning I was born in Staten Island and raised in Bayonne, NJ, but that’s certainly close enough) but have lived in Florida since 1997, when I started at the University of Miami, double-majoring in journalism and music. I sing soprano, mostly opera, and also in former lives have played the piano and the harp, but as I own neither at the moment I’m sadly rusty. (Going to Sam Ash and playing on the demo pianos makes me cry.)

Through some miracle I managed to stop partying enough to graduate, and since then I have worked at 100K+ circulation newspapers, married and have a four-year-old daughter, whose artistic talent is just about up to my level now. (Her faces look strangely like Terrance and Philip. I don’t know why.) Her daddy’s an excellent artist, but I lack any ability whatsoever. (I also can’t catch a ball, or save a princess on a video game.)

As I have threatened elsewhere, my art projects may consist of doodling with my red felt-tip marker on a pad with company letterhead. Or, if I actually have some time at home, I’ll piddle around with Photoshop and submit something that’s (hopefully) cool.

Or maybe I’ll just write a bunch of snarky, self-deprecating blog posts.

Favorite design-related sites (P.S. I don’t know why WordPress takes all the capital letters out of bulleted items, but I am Not Happy):

  • The Occasional Odd Crop, a photoblog by a journalism colleague in San Diego. All the fun of blogs, no pesky words to read! Seriously, gorgeous photos, mostly with point-and-shoots.
  • Today’s Front Pages on Newseum. What everyone else is doing around the world.
  • NewsPageDesigner. Where I send prospective employers for my portfolio, and again, to steal creative ideas from the slide show.

Favorite non-art-related sites:

  • Chowhound.com. Cuz I’m one of those people who, 2 weeks after moving to a town, knows where all the best places to eat are.
  • Dinosaur Comics. I think after reading these too much, I’m starting to talk like T-Rex?
  • Romenesko. Yeah, all journalists are gossips. Here we get to gossip about each other.
  • Headsup. I’m about 52% copy editor, 48% designer, so here’s where I get to read articulate bitching about other people’s bad editing.

EDIT: India tried to teach me the winsome ways of WordPress, but alas, I’m of The Unteachable. I did, however, manage to figure out the Flickr account, so my photo is there. :-)