For those who wish to draw more

Dog figurine January 22, 2007

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Dog figurine; click for larger version


San Diego December 1, 2006

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San Diego; click for larger version

11/30/06, downtown San Diego.


The White Horse November 30, 2006

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The White Horse; click for larger version

11/29/06: Today was crazy busy at work. I didn’t get home until after 9 — and I hadn’t done a drawing. So I put my hand into a box of my photos and pulled out a picture I’d taken of horses in Grass Valley, CA. The drawing was so deadly dull, I threw some watercolor on, and liked it better.


Blue dog November 29, 2006

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Blue dog3511; click for larger version

11/28/06: Not my dog, but a cute little beast nonetheless.


El Cortez November 28, 2006

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El Cortez; click for larger version

11/27/06: El Cortez hotel, downtown San Diego.


View from Little Italy November 23, 2006

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View from Little Italy; click for larger version

11/23/06: I climbed to the top of a parking garage for this view of the San Diego skyline.


Day before Thanksgiving

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Day before Thanksgiving; click for larger version

11/22/06: San Diego’s downtown is full of distinct little neighborhoods. One of my favorites is Little Italy. I rode the trolley there from my office to do this sketch. While I sipped coffee, I eavesdropped, of course.