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You bought a spoon to a spork fight November 1, 2009

I hope everyone had a good Day 1 of DrawMo (though really, isn’t ever day another chance for a new start at drawing more? Let’s say yes.). I did something light and fun to start with and combined two of my favorite things: fake news and Kate Beaton’s comic Hark, a Vagrant! Ms. Beaton posted some pages from her sketchbook a while back, which inspired me to fire up the Daily Show/Colbert Report’s InDecision 2008 episode [spoiler: Obama won!] and try to sketch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in Kate Beaton’s style. Below, a funny sketch of Jon looking panicked and three less-successful attempts at John Oliver (as a Kewpie?), the cockatoo, Colbert with a chin tumor and Stewart as a creepy uncle. If nothing else, it was a fun attempt at something different, which is very much in the spirit of DrawMo.


4 Responses to “You bought a spoon to a spork fight”

  1. This looks like a lot of fun. Plus you had a reason to rewatch InDecision 2008!

  2. Lucy Says:

    You really caught Jon Stewart there, that’s his habitual expression.

  3. margaretei Says:

    Hard to believe Indecision 2008 was a year ago. What a night! And thanks, Lucy!

  4. […] Pixar, Russell, unbelievable awesomeness, Up, Wilderness Explorer For Day 1 of DrawMo I managed a little cartoon sketch of an amazingly funny guy I’m a fan of named Jon Stewart. For Day 2 I drew another Jon—but […]

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