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Interrobang is skeptical about this DrawMo! thing. November 1, 2009

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Day 1: Interrobang

I promise I won’t draw the cats every day this month—for one thing, it doesn’t look like they’ll stand for it—but you may see them quite a lot. What can I say? They’re captive models.


3 Responses to “Interrobang is skeptical about this DrawMo! thing.”

  1. margaretei Says:

    Interrobang’s expression seems to live up to his name. And I will admit to looking at your Katzen flickr for possible subject matter, so don’t feel bad about multiple kitten pics. Your little guys are very photogenic.

  2. India Says:

    Maybe it should be DrawMyCatsMo.

  3. margaretei Says:

    If we do one more project named XMo, I will be unable to not name a post after that lyric from Kanye West’s New Workout Plan: “Work it mo’ juge it mo’ pump it mo, Chi-town mo’ let’s go mo'”

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