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Come On, Pilgrim (Sketches from the Archive) October 31, 2009

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“Give me white / ground to run…” —The Pixies, “Caribou” from Come On Pilgrim

Some of the most fun I’ve had sketching has been in museums and galleries, so I’m hoping to have more chances to use artwork* as a subject for DrawMo this year. This will mean hauling self and sketchbook to some of the NYC museum and gallery fall shows.

The gallery above shows two sketches from my old ’06-’07 sketchbook, drawn at a show by Zach Seeger of Binghamton, New York. The two sculptures are titled “Caribou” (2003) and “Witness to a Volcanic Eruption” (2001). Both sculptures are painted and carved wood (and seemed Halloween-appropriate).

*And taxidermy: the Museum of Natural History makes for great sketching. Everything holds very still, so it’s a good chance to bust out the mechanical pencil and get lost in detail. Tourists and kids often stop by to say hi and offer encouragement, too.


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