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Hear No Evil November 8, 2008

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"Hear No Evil" storyboard, p. 1

On Thursday, I left my sketchbook sitting on the scanner at work, so no drawing. Then Friday, I just didn’t get around to drawing. Today, though—sixteen sketches. Albeit small, sloppy ones.

I’m working with three classmates on a video project, and this week we had to draw storyboards for our piece. The guys wrote a script on Thursday, while I had a prior engagement. Today we split the script up into four chunks, and each of us drew the panels for one section. My first four panels are above; the rest are on Flickr: pages 2, 3, 4. The whole storyboard is in this PDF.

The gist of the story is that this guy (ML, aka Male Lead) discovers that his headphones allow him to hear other people’s thoughts—but only negative ones.

Next week, we’re somehow going to try to shoot this thing, in the subway.


2 Responses to “Hear No Evil”

  1. Cooper Says:

    I love this–the lean lines, the quick movement.

  2. India Says:

    Thanks, Cooper! I’m usually quite unhappy with any drawing I do from imagination or memory, but when working this fast—and even so, I think I was the last of us four to finish sketching—even I can manage to keep my perfectionism damped down. Mostly I just tried to think about practical stuff: is the camera angle possible? What’s the most important thing to show in this panel? Which side would the character’s thumb be on, in this pose? So, given my low expectations and focused goals, I’m uncharacteristically pleased with how these came out.

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