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Well, now November 5, 2008

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it’s not exactly Stephen Foster’s “Old Folks at Home.”



4 Responses to “Well, now”

  1. India Says:

    Nicely done. I’m curious to know where you started. Do you do an underdrawing first? Did you start with the figures and then draw in the pool?

    I tend to start with whatever part I think will be easy/satisfying to draw, and then I work my way out from that spot. So on this, I might have started at that expressive elbow.

  2. Cooper Says:

    That ‘expressive elbow’–thank you. I started with a couple of lines for the hot tub and then started working on the figures. I tend not to do underdrawing. Maybe I’m too lazy? What’s funny about that elbow is that I intended that figure to be a man–two men talking, two women talking–but the pose and the puffiness of the hair sort of converted him into a her.

  3. India Says:

    Huh. I read her as a him.

  4. Cooper Says:

    Great. You saw it as I first saw it!

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