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Communications Lab November 3, 2008

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CommLab table

The view from where I sit in my Monday night class. Nearly everybody has his or her laptop open in all but one of my classes (fewer people bother in the fourth class, because the Internet access in that room is for shit). This is the only class, though, where probably half of my fellow students spend the 2.5 hours chatting with each other over Gmail. I’ve also seen people playing solitaire, and doing their homework. It’s that much fun.

Sad. And expensive.

I don’t use my laptop in class, because I know it’ll just distract me.

Bonus: I’m also responsible for this beautiful illustration, which I did on DrawMo! Eve.


2 Responses to “Communications Lab”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    I like this a lot! Especially all the tangled wires and cables.

  2. Cooper Says:

    This is especially fun, the way everything comes forward at the viewer.

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