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knit cook draw paint tape solder write install destroy invent document January 22, 2008

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Here’s another fun-sounding monthly challenge: thing-a-day

thing-a-day flyer

What’s this?

Join artists and creators of all types and backgrounds in a collective creative sprint. Thing-a-day invites you to join in a daily creative endeavor where everyone who signs up commits to making one thing (project, sketch, exercise) per day and shares it online on this collective blog. Take advantage of the opportunity to share ideas and receive constructive advice while developing new work.

How does it works? [sic]

  • Starting on February 1st, make one thing a day.
  • Document this work in anyway necessary to prove to the world that you’ve made something new: write, take pictures, videos, post things online.
  • Do this everyday and post to the blog before midnight, 7 days a week.
  • You can upload pictures straight to this blog (limit to 200K per post) but you can also host your work anywhere online and post a link to it on the blog. If you have a Flickr account, use it please.
  • Introduce your daily accomplishments: give them a name, a title, a punch line, a description, anything that will encourage others to check out your work.
  • See what everyone else has been up to and steal ideas, comment on other people’s work or reinvent something they did.
  • No recycled old work, no posting someone else’s stuff pretending its yours… we’ll welcome anyone who wants to join and we trust you know the basic net ethics (-we reserve the right to kick someone out if/when needed).

Anyone up for it?

(Via Clusterflock.)


2 Responses to “knit cook draw paint tape solder write install destroy invent document”

  1. Red Says:

    Well, considering that I failed to complete DrawMo’ (November turned out to be an exceptionally busy month), I should probably steer clear. However, I’m thinkin’ I might give this a try.



  2. kim Says:

    So tempting…
    Make anything – bread, poem, drawing, stitch markers for knitting?
    I have a lot of little things I’d like to try this could provide the motivation.

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