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Yay! We made it! Okay, now what? December 1, 2007

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Last December, some of us talked some big talk about continuing to draw every week or every month, but then it fizzled out. It’s hard to keep it up without the peer pressure, and without being reminded to draw by seeing everyone else’s new drawings every day. But this year we’ve had a mostly new crew, so maybe there’s more sticktuitiveness among us.

What do you think? Anybody made any ongoing drawing resolutions?


10 Responses to “Yay! We made it! Okay, now what?”

  1. artisthome Says:

    India, thank you so much for organizing Drawmo! and being a great encourager. I would love to continue drawing but I’m already having trouble keeping up with the holiday season, visiting, baking, cooking, shopping, etc. I will take a break from drawing for now and keep up with my photography. Please do let me know if you decide to have another Drawmo! before November 2008. I loved being part of this community! Jacqui

  2. This is my first visit to Drawmo (via woolgathering). This is a challenging month, but at least we’ll be in town. I’m going to focus on a few objects in different configurations probably just line drawings. If Morandi could spend a lifetime doing still lives of a few few favorite pieces, I can spend a month.

  3. Cooper Says:

    Thanks so much for hosting Drawmo and exposing us all to such great work.

    I try to draw every day, at this point almost entirely on the Wacom tablet. I post at http://blixenbloxen.blogspot.com

  4. kim Says:

    I know I had intended to draw daily in December of 2006 (and failed miserably!) but I still want to draw more. I recently found Everyday Matters Weekly Challenge list and am tempted to try and attack the list. I’m hoping that a challenge of “crossing things off” will motivate me to draw more frequently.

    Am I ready to commit? Dunno. But I’ll draw this week and check back.

  5. Elisabeth Says:

    I just couldn’t manage to get my drawings done this year. Buhu. Too much going on at work and at home, but I am going to post some drawings later on. – Like when I go to NY – in 14 days!!! – I’ll try to do some sketching. Maybe even a quick one of India? (hehe) and try to make up for my lousy drawmonauting this month. What do you say, India? Will you pose for me? Maybe over a piece of pie or something?

    And even though I haven’t posted much this year, I have enjoyed watching all the great drawings. You have all done a wonderful job. Well done!

  6. mandyr Says:

    Thanks India, for all your help and organisation. I’ve enjoyed drawing every day, (and I have also enjoyed my family’s recognition of this as being a priority during the last month).

    Like many of the others, I think that December might prove a bit too busy to continue posting a drawing every day, but I will make a time (maybe every Friday afternoon) to draw.

    Thanks to all of the group, for being so encouraging and supportive.

  7. doingart Says:

    I might keep up drawing on a weekly basis, perhaps as a Wordless Wednesday posting. The trouble got to be one of upping the ante, so that I was putting more thought and effort into drawing over painting. Though the former contributes to the latter, the latter is pretty central to my goals.

  8. doingart Says:

    And India, thanks for organizing this. It’s been fun and very collegial posting with everyone here. Nice to meet y’all. I still have one postcard up for grabs if anyone is interested– the last one was never claimed.


  9. shannonRENO Says:

    I’ve made a long list of things I want to accomplish in the next five years and one of those entries is to draw every day for at least one of the five years. It sounds like a tremendous endeavor, but it doesn’t take an incredible amount of time to scribble something onto a piece of paper. I say this without having even attempted one month. :)
    But I would love to post pictures of said drawings in both my blog and here eventually.
    Like you said, peer pressure helps.
    Maybe you could do every other month? Who knows.

  10. awittykitty Says:

    I’ve actually continued drawing every day India. Can you believe it? I’ve been surprised at how I’ve been taking my drawing pad to bed every night and with me in my purse. I haven’t even missed a day. I’m actually more lazy about photographing the art. I guess I’ll think about it and maybe submit something occasionally. Thanks for “MAKING ME” do art. Heh!

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