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penguin in sneakers November 27, 2007

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I love Edward Gorey’s work, so I thought I’d draw something in his style, namely a penguin in sneakers. It’s done in pen and ink.


5 Responses to “penguin in sneakers”

  1. cynthiacloskey Says:


    A is for Amy, who fell down the stairs…

  2. doingart Says:

    Handsome fella.


  3. leahwatson Says:

    It should a be an all inclusive law that all penguins must wear sneakers! No, not really but cute drawing.

  4. Neil Young Says:

    I’m been very pedantic here but that’s not a picture in Gorey’s style – it’s a copy of a picture by Gorey called ‘The Doubtful Guest’ . To draw in his style implies that you have come up with an original image but drawn it in a similar way to Gorey’s i.e. slighlty gothic and antiquated black ink drawing using lots of pen strokes

  5. Cinder Says:

    I must agree with “Neil Young”, an earlier responder. Type “doubtful guest” into google images and you will find this exact image.

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