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Nov. 27 November 27, 2007

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I find ellipses really difficult so thought I’d give myself a workout with these cups.   Even with drawing little perspective boxes for the circles I still  didn’t get it quite right.  It was such a mess  by the time I finished I transferred it to watercolor paper so I could try an ink wash; I liked that.  I admire spontaneity and know that I could use more of it.   But if I can’t make something fairly accurate it bothers me.



4 Responses to “Nov. 27”

  1. wrjones Says:

    That is a work out. Good idea. The highlight on the middle cup makes it look bent. When I cover up the light area the ellipse looks ok.

  2. sionwyn Says:

    I like it. I think you’ve captured the translucence of china very well. The cups look fine to me (although I can see how the highlight can be read as wrjones says, I didn’t read it that way); it’s only the saucer that’s a bit offkilter.

  3. Cooper Says:

    Don’t be bothered! These are beautiful, full of feeling, and accurate too.

  4. doingart Says:

    Looks fantastic to my eye, speaking as someone who has trashed more than a few efforts at complex geometries this month.

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