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Two Chicks November 26, 2007

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This one’s probably my favorite of the month thusfar. These chicks were lying out on the counter at the lake house Saturday night before our big barbecue. If you’d like a shot at this free postcard, comment at the blog and email a delivery address like it says here.

Two Chicks


2 Responses to “Two Chicks”

  1. Sandra Pearce Says:

    Nat I’ve been enjoying your black and white ink postings. I too love the chickens, but also especially admired the hammer and your diminishing ‘wouldn’t mind a slice myself’ cakes. You’re very skillful. I live outside the US or I’d be trying for a free postcard!

  2. mado002 Says:

    Oh Nat, it’s wonderful! When I saw the title I was about to get my feminist sensibilities in an uproar and then I saw it was turkeys! It’s such a pleasure to see something so well conceived and executed.

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