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Monday is tango night! November 20, 2007

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I didn’t draw yesterday, because I never left the house, so today you get two.

Here, Natalia takes a rest on the sofa from last week.

As soon as I decided to draw this couple, they decided to spend most of the rest of the evening sitting down. So I had to make up quite a bit of it. Probably not the parts you think.

I don’t know the woman’s name, because I’ve never danced with her. The man is named Felix, "as in the cat."


4 Responses to “Monday is tango night!”

  1. cynthiacloskey Says:

    I love your tango nights. They look so fun.

    Tom Waits – 1986 Letterman Tango til They’re Sore

  2. mado002 Says:

    You should publish a book–“NYC Sketches”–a documentation of your interesting life in the city.

  3. India Amos Says:

    Cindy: They are fun, even when I don’t get to dance much. Yesterday I was actually approaching something like coordination, but there were very few leaders and tons of followers. So I danced once with Felix-like-the-cat, twice with the very tall man who is very good, and maybe three times with the teacher’s friend, who Natalia discovered is a pianist.

    And thanks for the Tom Waits link. You know, it’s never occurred to me to look for videos of him.

    Andrea: But really, my life is not at all interesting! I just ride the subway a lot and occasionally go to tango things!

  4. architheque Says:

    tango kitteh. …sorry, i couldn’t help it.

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