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Sixteenth November 16, 2007

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My sixteen-year-old daughter Lily has finished her exams for year ten at school. Next week they will have a party to celebrate the end of the year and to farewell the kids who aren’t continuing to years eleven and twelve. They call the party a ‘formal’, though in truth its a pretty casual affair. Lily will be wearing this cocktail length party dress, in which she looks quite beautiful, although black is not the best colour for her (she is very fair-skinned). I drew the picture, as usual, with black pen and coloured pencil, and added a bit of bucketfill at the end.


3 Responses to “Sixteenth”

  1. mado002 Says:

    I really like the composition–that spot of blue–as well as the rest of it. Hope Lily enjoys the party.

  2. India Amos Says:

    Looks like a pretty dress. Did you sew this one?

  3. mandyr Says:

    Thanks Andrea and India – I hope she enjoys the party too, and no, I didn’t sew this dress. This dress was one that had to be bought (from just the right kind of dress-shop). Some of Lily’s ‘friends’ are fairly judgemental. Well, they’re all sixteen.

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