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Bruno November 16, 2007

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The first U.S. outlet of MUJI opened today a few blocks from my office, and I went with my friends Bruno and Melissa. MUJI was giving gifts to the first five hundred customers, among whom we numbered, and when I looked in the goody bag, I found a box of colored pencils. So of course I had to use them for today’s DrawMo! piece. Bruno sat very patiently across the lunch table from me while I sketched, erased, sketched, erased, . . . and then our kimchee bibimbap came sizzling to the table, and I had to put the sketchbook away. I colored in the shirt and tidied some things up later, but without my model in front of me.

It looks a little like Bruno . . .


6 Responses to “Bruno”

  1. artisthome Says:

    bibimbap! and I’m hungry right now. So unfair! But I like soon dobu (sp?) better.

  2. India Amos Says:

    Yes, bibimbap served in a hot stone bowl with lots of crunchy rice stuck to the bottom. Mmmm. I’ve never tried soon dobu (sp?); I tend to get the same thing all the time—because if I wanted something else, I’d go to another restaurant.

  3. Bruno Says:

    A kinder, gentler Bruno. He seems so peaceful!

  4. India Amos Says:

    Yes, you thoughtfully closed your eyes at the last second. Who knew you had such long eyelashes!

    And, um, sorry about the lower half of your face.

  5. kim Says:

    my favorite part… his left lens!

  6. India Amos Says:

    People of the Coke-Bottle-Thick Glasses, Unite!

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