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Day #2 … November 15, 2007

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I’ve been a terrible Drawmonaut, but things have been just too busy around here. Going to London, getting a cold, moving office … things have just kept getting in the way of my sketching. In my defense I can tell you that I did carry my sketchbook all around London. Just didn’t take it out of my purse …


4 Responses to “Day #2 …”

  1. mandyr Says:

    I like this one. What did you have to drink?

  2. mandyr Says:

    Was it coke?

  3. Elisabeth Says:

    Thank you! This was once a Latte. I had to have my coffee before I could start sketching. After all, this was done just after breakfast, and I don’t funktion very well without caffein in my system …

  4. velochick Says:

    I bet doing glass was pretty difficult

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