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A case in point November 14, 2007

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case in point

Yesterday, when I posted that drawing of various strangers’ feet, Jerry Waese commented at Flickr, “next time do ears.” I replied that

The problem with ears is that they’re attached to people’s heads. I’d have to look at a bunch of strangers’ heads, and they’d think I was staring at them (which I would be), and they’d get freaked out / annoyed / hostile. . . .

Everybody wants to be anonymous on the subway.

Today, because of poor planning, I was stuck drawing feet again; and the train was pretty crowded, so I was drawing the woman directly in front of me. She didn’t notice for a while, because she was reading. But eventually she did, at a point when I was staring very intently at her shoes, and she began to fidget. Finally, at a stop where the train emptied out a bit, she got up and walked down the car. Not to get off, just to change seats.

I was not dressed like a scary person. I was wearing a black and white flowered dress, red clogs, black leather jacket, pink scarf, iPod. Doesn’t matter. People don’t like being drawn around here.


6 Responses to “A case in point”

  1. awittykitty Says:

    This is my favorite of your subway drawings so far. Very cool.

  2. cynthiacloskey Says:

    I suspect you were dressed too cool to be an inconspicuous observer/artist. You frightened her with your awesomeness.

    Also, lots of people really don’t like being drawn.

  3. seepi Says:

    I used to know an artist who drew kangaroos. She said they don’t like being stared at either.

  4. sionwyn Says:

    I love this one

  5. Elisabeth Says:

    I usually attack people from behind when I draw them. But even then it seem they can sense my staring, and they move away.

    I like this drawing a lot, btw.

  6. India Amos Says:

    I wasn’t trying to be inconspicuous—I mean, there was no hope of it, given where I was seated. But I thought it should be obvious that I wasn’t drawing her head, and who cares if someone draws your feet? She had on nice shiny black Danskos.

    Whatever. When she started squirming, I moved my attention to the stuff around her, and after she got up, I drew the grating underneath. Another person sat down immediately, but in the seat next to hers, so the angle was different and I couldn’t really make an exquisite corpse of the two. I don’t think he would have minded being drawn, though—he’d obviously seen me working, and seen her bolt, but he sat there anyway.

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