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Sofa November 13, 2007

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One of the sofas at the bar where my friend Natalia and I go to tango on Monday nights. Or, rather, she tangos. Tonight I, obviously, was quite stationary. Both my feet were hopelessly lefted this evening, and after two dances each with three kind partners, I was benched. Rats.

Fortunately, there was this very bumpy couch on the far side of the dance floor, which kept me busy for a good half hour. So many bumps! I got pretty tired of them after, like, the tenth one. Also, people kept sitting on the couch—my couch—while I was drawing. They did this just to annoy me, I am convinced.

Oh! But wait! While I was drawing, a guy came up and watched over my shoulder for a few minutes. When I looked up he asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m drawing the sofa.” Like, duh—I was about three-quarters done at that point. He couldn’t recognize the sofa I was staring at?

“Oh. From where I was back there, I thought those were scales.”

So, there you have it: My Illustration Friday drawing for this week’s theme, which is “scale.” So the evening wasn’t a total bust.


5 Responses to “Sofa”

  1. mandyr Says:

    Ha ha, I like the story and the drawing too.

  2. mado002 Says:

    Good drawing! Your NY life seems so glamorous.

  3. India Amos Says:

    Well, tango is glamorous, and people who are good at it sometimes are (there’s this one woman there—oh! I could watch her all night) (but, wait: I did), but my life? Nah, not so much.

  4. brian blank Says:

    Very pompous couch I must say…nice capture…however it could have been worse…electric slide night at the glow bowling palace and dance emporium…

  5. mcverhoog Says:

    Haha, great story. Nico illo, too.

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