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Herringbone November 10, 2007

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09 herringbone

So, remember how I said that choosing a subject who won’t move is the hard part of drawing on the subway? Yeah. Yesterday’s model, who’d looked like he was really devoted to this subway pole, dove for a seat when I’d barely had a chance to get started. How rude! So I had to occupy myself for the rest of the ride somehow . . .

This guy wasn’t actually wearing a herringbone coat, but the man sitting next to me on my morning train ride had been. I’d considered drawing that guy for a moment but was at a bad angle; also, I was hoping I’d find something over the course of the day that ould fit into the Illustration Friday theme of “scale.” I didn’t. So then in the evening, I decided to get my herringbone fix anyway.

I filled in about half of the herringbone at home.


3 Responses to “Herringbone”

  1. mandyr Says:

    I feel a definite affinity for all those little parallel lines and the herringbone pattern, and I like the way the pole intersects the whole thing too.

  2. India Amos Says:

    I thought of you as I was drawing in the pattern. :-)

  3. Bharath Says:

    It’s really nice.. Great job

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