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#9 November 9, 2007

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big fat Staedtler Lumocolor marker in sketchbook. I wasn’t happy with how the drawing (of the seedpod again) was going, so I extemporised w seeds and a leaf then decided to play with backgrounds. Not a patch on Mandy’s great patterns; I’m just not naturally inclined to those neat straight lines, so I said buggerit & went off on random wobbly-patterned tangents. Looks rather a lot like the sort of doodles I used to do before I filled in spare moments with blogsurfing.

my 4.5 yo daughter’s decided to join the fun, btw. Cracks me up how serious she is about it, I should set up the video to capture the narration of every stroke. Here’s yesterday’s:



4 Responses to “#9”

  1. artisthome Says:

    That’s fabulous! I love that she’s participating. I wonder if there is some imitation of mommy/daddy’s face in that serious face of hers??? :-)

  2. mandyr Says:

    I love both of them.
    I don’t actually mean to do all that repetitious stuff, it just happens now any time I sit down with a pen – started out doodling in boring lectures at Uni, (and somehow that kept me focused on what was happening, and able to remember the content of lectures better). Its a sort of meditation for me now. Quite often I go way past what I’d like to have drawn, but I just keep going. Paiting was similarly therapeutic for me back when I used to do that. (I’ll get back to that one day.

  3. sionwyn Says:

    heh yeah she probably is copying my serious face.

    I really like “all that repetitious stuff”, especially that [leaf/coffeebean/cowrie] shape. I understand what you mean about the meditation aspect; come to think of it I’ve been known to draw bunches of parallel lines in the margins when I’m trying to listen & absorb too – I can’t however do anything like your proper drawings, because I’m one of those people who block out external input while reading/drawing/painting.

  4. India Amos Says:

    started out doodling in boring lectures at Uni, (and somehow that kept me focused on what was happening, and able to remember the content of lectures better)

    Yes! When I was in school, I was a mad and very methodical doodler—in the late stages of educationitis, I would doodle one tiny square for what I guessed was each minute of the class. It kept me awake, and I got to be pretty accurate at keeping time.

    Once I got out of school, though, I stopped doodling. Didn’t need to anymore. Now, even in soul-crushingly boring meetings, I find it very difficult to doodle. I just don’t know how, now.

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