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Pomegranate November 7, 2007

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06-07 pomegranate

I did this at my office desk, over two days: started it yesterday with a lousy contour drawing and then colored it in today while scanning pages of a story. It’s based on this photo by Flickr user justinleif. We’re publishing an article tomorrow in which a pomegranate layer cake is mentioned (!!!), so I rather arbitrarily decided to draw something pomegranate-related.

It’s hard to get large areas of saturated color with these tiny little Stabilo pens, but I had a lot of time on my hands.


4 Responses to “Pomegranate”

  1. cynthiacloskey Says:

    This is extremely cool. I like also that I’m now able to recognize your style of drawing: I knew this was yours, and the subway drawing too, before I read the posts.

  2. India Amos Says:

    Wow, weird.

    Or not so weird, I guess. When I was a kid, I was always amazed that my parents could listen to a jazz recording and say, “That’s so-and-so on the clarinet, isn’t it?” especially since for the longest time I couldn’t tell, say, David Bowie from REM. But then at some point in high school, I discovered that I could identify Bach compositions, even though I’d never heard them before, and in college art history class, I would always be able to ace certain slide identifications:

    “Can anybody take a guess at who the artist is here?”

    [wait . . . wait . . . wait . . . give classmates a chance . . . nobody’s answering]

    “It’s by Hans Holbein.”

    “Yes! Now, how did you determine that.”

    “Um, because it’s by Hans Holbein.”

    There was no way to analyze it; it’s like recognizing someone’s face. You don’t think, “Well, this must be Cindy, because her hair is red, and . . .”

    Which is not to say that I think I draw like Hans Holbein. Sadly, no.

  3. India Amos Says:

    What is weird is that my mother, who is an artist, has told me many times that when she found my portfolio from printmaking class in her studio, where I’d parked it, she had to stare at the prints for a while before she figured out that it was my stuff, not hers. She didn’t remember making any of it, but it looked familiar enough that she wasn’t sure at first.

    Which is not to say that I draw like my mother, either. Sadly, no.

  4. cynthiacloskey Says:

    Really interesting about your drawing style and your mother’s.

    A couple of years ago, as a family activity at Christmas, my brother gave us each a small painting surface and supplied a little set of paints, and we were each to make a self-portrait. All of the things we created were different — and I liked everyone else’s quite a bit more than my own — but I could kind of see myself making something like what the others did.

    There’s a graduate thesis somewhere in this discussion, waiting to be discovered.

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