For those who wish to draw more

I missed yesterday November 7, 2007

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Greek Nude:

Greek Nude

American Nude:

American Nude

Sunday Nude:

Sunday Nude


4 Responses to “I missed yesterday”

  1. artisthome Says:

    Love this, made me smile. Did you paint him 3 times or did you keep “covering him up”?

  2. India Amos Says:

    You’re a hoot, Cooper. I like the way you’ve done the shadows/highlights on his suit.

  3. cynthiacloskey Says:

    Funny. Too bad the poor guy doesn’t get to dress down on weekends — but then, how much more dressed down can you get than being nude? Maybe he likes suiting up for a change of pace.

  4. Cooper Says:

    I drew the Greek Nude first, then kept adding clothes to him. Then I went back to the Greek Nude to try to recreate him because I accidentally saved the American Nude in his place.

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