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falling behind! November 7, 2007

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sorry! i had a crazy busy weekend. i did my drawings! i just had to upload them and post them.
here are day 3 and day 4,

day 3 was kind of a lazy, super fast sketch thingy. in case you are wondering, i’m into mopeds, and am a member of the mosquito fleet, the seattle branch of the moped army.
day 3 = chalk board

day 4 i wanted to do something in blue, so i did the negative space around a chair. sorry if the chair looks weird, i didn’t have one to look at, i kind of winged it from what i remember a computer chair looking like, hah.
day 4 = negative chair

i’ll try to have days 5, 6, and 7 tomorrow! gah!


4 Responses to “falling behind!”

  1. India Amos Says:

    Okay, so first you drew a totally believable cat without having a cat in front of you, and now a very convincing office chair? And I’ll bet you weren’t looking at your moped when you drew the moped, either.

    Conclusion: You have an astonishing visual memory, Terry.

    Also: These are very cool. You should make stickers or something out of the moped one, no?

  2. artisthome Says:

    That chair looks unbelievably believable to me. I love how your work is so simple but enjoyable.

  3. terrydean Says:

    haha thanks you two. i wish i was better at updating like i’m supposed to!

  4. ekhosama Says:

    Hey, u draw ms paint. Cool. I like the chair one. Can u link me? I draw on ms paint too here.. http://childrenoftheunderground.blogspot.com/

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