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Sweater Girl November 5, 2007

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05 sweater girl

I ate lunch at downtown Whole Foods, aka “the NYU cafeteria.” This girl and her nice blue sweater were sitting at the table next to mine, studying.


4 Responses to “Sweater Girl”

  1. artisthome Says:

    India, really loving Drawmo! and seeing the variety of ways to sketch. I was wondering how I can go to a specific person’s blog straight from their post, I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. For example, if I’m viewing Drawmo and see a person’s post and want to go to their blog to see all of their posts only, how can I do that? I tried clicking on their name, the title and on the picture itselt, no go. Is my only option to click on the Drawmonaut’s list in the right margin?

  2. India Amos Says:

    Ummmmmm . . . yes. That’s the only reliable way to get to a particular DrawMonaut’s blog.

    Sometimes you can click on a person’s name when he or she leaves a comment, and that will take you to the person’s blog, but it depends on whether and how the person has set up his or her WordPress.com profile. My comments all link to my book design blog, for instance, but I could just as well have set them to link to Clusterflock. On your comments, on the other hand, your name is not linked to anything. If you want to change this, go to the Profile and Personal Options page and put a URL in the box labeled “Website” under “Contact Information.”

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