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Nov. 5 November 5, 2007

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I was so impressed with the ink drawings people have been done I thought I’d try it. I’m not thrilled with the result; I think I overworked it. But no experience is wasted, right? This is the forested slope behind our house.



4 Responses to “Nov. 5”

  1. India Amos Says:

    I don’t think it looks overworked. Hooray for ink!

    I do crosswords in pen, too. I’m not particularly good at them—I just hate getting graphite on my hands.

  2. sionwyn Says:

    ink is a pretty scary commitment, but once in a blue moon I make myself. It’s perfect for gestural drawings though, quick doodles just meant to capture an inspiration rather than flesh it out. Preserves the immediacy & there’s not so much temptation to “make it pretty” as with pencil.

  3. Beth Lea Says:

    Trees are hard, foliage is like such a headache. What to leave in what to leave out. I’ve just started drawing these subjects and have concluded that my trees need to be only 2 tones. The third tone is for right at the end and stays minimal.

    I love ink drawings, they do require confident loose lines but my advice is, look at the paper less and at the subject more, let your hand fill in the rest. Basically, forget what your hand is doing, just use your eye and your brain.

    I think your trees look a lot better than mine…I’m determined not to give up though.

    Btw, someone told me to look at Constable’s drawings of trees…

  4. Lino Arteaga Says:

    Hello there, I like your drawing , it dos not look over done, I’ll been drawing with Ink for 10 years and I love it. I am very good at it. I think your drawing looks very good,keep doing it.

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