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I ain’t got no body November 4, 2007

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I went to an all day drawing marathon at the local university  and they had a lot of things to draw. They had nude models, but to be honest, I see them once a week in my figure drawing class, so no biggie. So I drew this animal skull. There were actually about 4–6 skulls just lying around. It kinda looked like a serial killer’s backyard. Ha! Just kidding. ;-)


2 Responses to “I ain’t got no body”

  1. charlie Says:

    nude models. hmm i wouldn’t be able to stand still for a whole day. that would kill me. your drawing is ok. only thing is it looks to me like you have tried realy hard on 1 half of the skull but not on the other.

  2. Eric Smith Says:

    awesome i just sketched it in my book after seeing

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