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“but she wept bitter tears over her wounds, and he could not take her” November 4, 2007

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referencing the Handless Maiden folktale. Low-relief drawing on metal shim.


7 Responses to ““but she wept bitter tears over her wounds, and he could not take her””

  1. kim Says:

    Lovely. What’s the size?

  2. sionwyn Says:

    heh good Q. I had to go find a measuring apparatus to answer. Roughly 11cm or 4 1/4″ (it’s the inner seal from either a can of coffee or drinking chocolate)

  3. c00p Says:

    Gorgeous, especially the effect of the words and the image worked together.

  4. India Amos Says:

    What a beautiful use for a piece of trash! What tool(s) did you use to work this?

  5. sionwyn Says:

    just a regular pencil, worked from both sides. I did a bunch of stuff wrong, and there’s no erasing of mistakes, so I think I’m going to experiment some more. The effect reminds me of quilting, which is what I do, so that’s kind of funky – I decided it would be an excellent way to trial freemotion quilting designs.

  6. artisthome Says:

    I love this. I forgot it was a sketch for a minute and thought I was looking at a close-up of an antique coin.

  7. sionwyn Says:

    ooh. Now there’s an idea for a series …

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