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Day 2, drawing 1 November 3, 2007

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Late to the party as usual! My daughter fell asleep on the floor at my feet last night, so I drew her. It’s surprisingly hard to draw a face upside down. Turns out my scanner sucks for pencil images; the original is considerably more subtle.

Eleanor sleeping


6 Responses to “Day 2, drawing 1”

  1. mado002 Says:

    That’s lovely! What a pleasure to have a still model.


  2. qubits Says:

    You’ve captured the innocent beauty of a little one sleeping. It’s lovely.

  3. Cooper Says:

    Great, and simple, style. Lovely approach at life.

  4. architheque Says:

    i like your drawing style.

  5. Damián Says:

    You have a great talent at drawing and a beautiful daughter

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