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Nov. 2 November 2, 2007

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I have a collection of little plastic farmers, farm animals, and rubber babies on top of my china cabinet. I use them for still life paintings but mostly I just like the way they look. Also my granddaughter likes to get them down and use them in her imaginative little scenarios.

One disadvantage of living in the woods is that we only have a dial-up connection. It has taken me 45 minutes just to get to the WordPress blog tonight so in the future I’m only going to put my drawings up on my own blog which is a lot faster: andreasart.doughtie.com/blog.


My husband says if the pig were an elephant this would be a political cartoon…


3 Responses to “Nov. 2”

  1. qubits Says:

    I love the idea of little plastics as models. What a wonderful idea!

  2. India Amos Says:

    Yes, that is a great idea. Hmm . . . I think I have some around here somewhere . . .

  3. wrjones Says:

    I love that happy looking pig. He is a real ham.
    Nice drawing.

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