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モペット November 2, 2007

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i did this in ms paint, using my mouse


8 Responses to “モペット”

  1. India Amos Says:

    How’d you draw this? (And what’s the title say?)

  2. terrydean Says:

    i edited it! i guess i should have put what i used in there to begin with.. sorry!
    the title says moped

  3. India Amos Says:

    You don’t have to; I was just curious.

    Speaking of Paint, have you seen this video?

  4. mandyr Says:

    I have a thing called a ‘tablet’ that my husband bought for me at the Aldi (supermarket) that has a pencil-shaped ‘mouse’ to draw with, which is a little closer to using a pencil to draw – but still a bit sloppy, like an old marker pen. Have you drawn with one of these? – I recommend it. This was not an expensive gadget (about $70 Australian dollars.You can use it with your paint program.

  5. India Amos Says:

    Yes, Cooper, who’s going to be joining us, also got a tablet recently and has been having a good time with it.

    My dad gave me one years ago, when I used to use a PC, but I never used it, and now I’m sure it won’t connect to my Mac.

  6. terrydean Says:

    i had a tablet once, but i wasn’t into it. the mouse feels more natural to me. when i do stuff in ms paint, i like how rough and sloppy it is.

  7. India Amos Says:

    That was partly why I asked what you used—because I know I could never do a drawing like this using a mouse. I’m really clumsy with it. The front of the bike is particularly impressive.

  8. artisthome Says:

    India, I watched that video. I was believing it until I was shocked at “the best 12 colors to include in Paint”. The deal was sealed when I saw Peterson-Paterson. I chuckled my way through the rest of it. :-)

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