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A busy morning November 1, 2007

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01 subway ceiling

I had this brilliant idea that for DrawMo! 2007, instead of doing most of my drawings between midnight and 1 am, I would get it out of the way at the start of each day. Ha! This morning my inbox was full of last-minute DrawMo! correspondence, so I dealt with that instead of sketching my bowl of oatmeal. Aren’t you grateful?

Instead, then, I pledged that if I could get a decent seat on the train, I would draw en route. And because I left the house so late, I did get a whole corner to myself. But I couldn’t bring myself to draw any of my fellow passengers, so I turned my gaze upward and drew a spot where a vertical post meets the ceiling. Thrilling!

Hey, baby steps. Baby steps.


4 Responses to “A busy morning”

  1. Excellent. And nice to have this way of peering into your day, the background bits that one doesn’t notice as easily.

  2. skybellarts Says:

    I’m happy to see DrawMo! 2007 alive and well. I love your draw en route.

  3. Love the rivets and the transit theme…

  4. India Amos Says:

    Gee, maybe I should draw thirty days of ceilings . . .

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