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Hello October 24, 2007

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Hello everybody, my name is Mandy. India has been gently guiding me to this place, where I may still make many mistakes in my attempt to become part of Drawmo!, but here is my first attempt at communication with you all via this strange new medium.

I live in Newcastle, New South Wales (east coast of Australia, roughly 100 miles north of Sydney) with my best beloved, Trev, and my kids Lily (16) and Solomon (13).

From the ages of sixteen to around twenty, painting and drawing were a daily part of my life, but somehow in the last twenty something years these have become very occasional (almost furtive) activities that I haven’t managed to give up altogether.

I saw India’s drawing of the funny little onion keeper on A Dress A Day which led me to you all. Thanks for having me.

P.S. – I’d just like to add, that as a stranger in a strange land I am fairly ignorant of the customs and etiquette of posting things here (or anywhere) so if I make blunders please both forgive and correct me. Thanks.


One Response to “Hello”

  1. India Amos Says:

    Yay! Well done, Mandy!

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