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The Rules (sticky) October 16, 2007

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Those of you who are newly joined, or who are on the fence about whether DrawMo! is for you, might want to check out the meta post category, as that’s where in 2006 we kind of hashed out what we were doing. Materials, tools, inspiration, and exercises are also useful categories to review. But here’s what you really need to press into your brain:

The Rules
1. Draw.

That’s pretty much it.

More specifically, though, here are answers to some questions that have arisen of late:

  • Any rules for uploading pictures (e.g., size)?
    There are no rules for uploading, but since there’s a storage limit at WordPress.com, most of us have uploaded our images to Flickr and then linked them to the blog from there. I always post the “medium” image size from Flickr; anything larger tends to get cropped, and anything smaller is too small. If you do use Flickr, be sure to add your drawings to the DrawMo! pool, as images posted there automatically show up in the blog’s sidebar.
  • Are there restrictions on media type? e.g., draw = pencil/chalk/charcoal/ink but nothing applied with a brush? Modest amounts of mixed media okay?
    Use whatever materials you want. Watercolor on chunky paper? Fine. Beeswax on pysanky? Fine. Your finger on a filthy car window? Fine. Just make an image, and maybe take a picture of it to share with the rest of us. Try to fire a different set of neurons for a few minutes each day.
  • Can I just follow along on my own blog?

Any questions?


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  1. erin is nice Says:

    i want in.

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