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Danny Gregory in Action July 5, 2007

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Watch a video of Danny Gregory drawing the contents of his medicine cabinet (at ten times actual speed).

It’s interesting to see how other people go about drawing—for example, he starts at the top left corner and works his way across, and then down, firmly drawing major contours and then filling in details. Whereas I would probably have sketched in a light underdrawing first, to make sure everything was going to fit, and then inked over that and erased the sketch.

This is no doubt why his drawings are energetic and light, whereas mine are tight and heavy.

(Via Notes on Design)


2 Responses to “Danny Gregory in Action”

  1. Nomi Says:

    Hi DrawMo,

    At his HOW presentation, Danny’s expressed rationale for drawing with pen the way he does was that he felt that with pencil, he always knew he could erase, so he was less likely to really focus and give his full attention to drawing what he saw. With pen, he had to carefully observe every detail, make measurements with his eye, and commit to every line. If you multiply the speed of that video by ten, you realize how long that actually takes!

    I’ve been experimenting with using pen since his presentation, and have sometimes encountered, as you said, finding I get to the edge of the page and not everything fits. It’s been a good discipline to make me eyeball the measurements better, and also make me continue with a drawing that isn’t “perfect” or necessarily how I envisioned it when the page was blank, but often comes out looking looser and more free because of it.

    Thanks for posting about your drawing process– I agree, it’s really interesting to hear how other people go about it.



  2. India Amos Says:

    Thanks for filling us in, Nomi! That makes total sense.

    You know, I have at least one of Danny Gregory’s books in my “to read” pile; maybe I should get around to actually reading that sometime sooner rather than later . . .

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