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Mezzaluna … and bag January 12, 2007

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It took some time to get the sketching going again. But I have an excuse. Or sort of. I have been busy making the ultimate sketchbook-bag. (It didn’t actually take one month to make, more like a couple of hours, but that’s my best excuse …) India, who by now is fluent in Norwegian, saw a post on my Norwegian blog, and asked me to cross post it. Mostly because of my cool sewing machine I think. ;-) The bag has a perfect size for my sketchbook, it has separate rooms for: Pencils, pen, iPod and one with a zipper for my wallet and cellphone. And I think it turned out really nice.


And last night – finally – I did my kitchen-thing-sketch:



6 Responses to “Mezzaluna … and bag”

  1. Ooh, I’d like to have a mezzaluna just like that one. And a bag like that one, but with a compartment to protect digital camera.

    I’d like the sewing machine too, but I wouldn’t put it to such good use as you do.

  2. India Amos Says:

    Yes! My bag would need a camera pocket, as well. Padded, perhaps. I just haven’t been able to find a camera bag that’s big enough for my camera but still small (and un-ugly) enough that I’ll actually carry it around.

    Anyway, ahem, the drawing: I really like the way you’ve drawn the shine on the blade. And the handles. And the shadows. So, in other words, I like it. But . . . what does one use a mezzaluna for? Chopping parsley? I’ve never actually observed one in the wild.

  3. Elisabeth Says:

    Hehe. The mezzaluna is perfect for chopping parsley. Or basil. Or any other green stuff that you want to chop up. If you want to make gourmet food for your guinnea pig for instance. I don’t use mine all that much. But I like the way it looks …

  4. architheque Says:

    oh my goodness…i want your bag.

    and your sewing machine too.


  5. India Amos Says:

    Sometimes, occasionally, if you’re very lucky, you can find beetle-green 1950s Husqvarna Automatics with all the fixins on eBay.

    Not that I know anything about that personally, of course.

  6. Elisabeth Says:

    I’m sure you don’t. Hehe.

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