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Please vote for “a painting a month in 2007” December 26, 2006

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Hi, everyone.

Happy Boxing Day.

I haven’t yet done my December DrawMo drawing – but there are still a few days left in the month…

But meanwhile, I wanted to let you all know that I’m a finalist for a DIY shopping spree – and they are voting for the winner over at Curbly.com – so this post is my shameless plea for votes!!! My proposal was to spend the money to buy twelve small canvases and an easel, brushes, etc., and make and blog a painting a month for 2007. They are offering a $200 budget at Amazon.com.

I figure that if I win, I will be able to do a small painting on canvas for DrawMo/Curbly each month next year! This was my project description:


You can vote for me with your comment on this thread:


(You may need to register, but I think it is a cool site and you might enjoy it anyway – they are a group blog / online community with lots of great project ideas and both how-to and design advice.)

Thank you all so much!!!!


5 Responses to “Please vote for “a painting a month in 2007””

  1. kim Says:

    You got my vote Elizabeth!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks so much, Kim.

    (Yikes, if I win, that means I’ll actually have to do this! In the last two years of drawing I’ve gone through a couple of mini-phases of painting, where I’ll get some stuff together and paint in acrylics for a week or so – usually during a vacation – but it is not something I’ve done regularly. The prospect is scary and exciting… fingers crossed here – as with DrawMo, I think I’d learn a lot from it.)

  3. Dani Says:

    You got my vote too. But, I used a pseudonym.

  4. Elisabeth Says:

    You won!

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