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Welcome to the DrawMo!-of-the-Month Club December 11, 2006

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Okay, so we seem to have a reasonable amount of support (four votes) over here for the idea of continuing DrawMo! year-round as a monthly theme-based drawing project. I propose that you can post as many drawings as you want on the theme, so if some people want to do weekly or (gasp!) daily drawings, that’s totally cool.

Um, okay, so, does anybody have any themes to suggest? (And please, don’t anybody say “holidays.” Gaaah! I’m already sick of it.)


8 Responses to “Welcome to the DrawMo!-of-the-Month Club”

  1. KB Says:

    I just came across DrawMo!… what a fine idea!

    Here are some theme suggestions:
    – housewares and appliances
    – organic
    – things that come in groups
    – phood pyramid phun
    – things that are green

  2. India Amos Says:

    Well, hello! This is a good start! Housewares and things that are green are two categories that are very dear to me. What’s “phood pyramid phun,” though?

  3. tassava Says:

    India! Finally, a way to expiate my guilt at having 10 DrawMo! drawings that I didn’t scan and post. (I couldn’t – honest: the woman whose lunch breaks were integral to my using the office scanner for my sketches just flat-out refused to take a lunch break when I was in the office. The nerve!)

    Anyhow, put me down in favor of a permanent DrawMo-ish activity. A few categories:
    Things that hold other things
    Strangest sight of the day
    One item of clothing worn that day

  4. Elisabeth Says:

    This is great! :-D

    I would love a houseware/appliance theme. Since I do most of my drawing in the kitchen while cooking dinner, it’s a good theme for me. No running around looking for stuff to draw …

    The toys-theme is also very nice.

    I also have a few theme suggestions:
    – Fabric (great exercise for working on textures, patterns and shadows …)
    – Coffeeshop-drawings
    – Reflections
    – Hands/feet

  5. kim Says:

    It seems without some sort of external motivation I’m not drawing at all so I’m up for monthly challenge.

    I like the idea of ordinary things around the house:
    -kitchen items
    -on the desk
    -from the bathroom
    -items of clothing

    or… each month could be in a different medium.

    I’m still thinking about doing a repetitive still life but probably not until January.

  6. India Amos Says:

    Okay, so, let’s dive in with kitchen items/housewares/appliances for the December round, as those seem popular, and see where it gets us. Maybe we’ll do the rest of the suggestions in alphabetical order or something. Keep the themes coming!

    I’m going to try to do a drawing each week, starting . . . now!

  7. Judy Says:

    Please keep it up…I just found you and I love the idea

  8. kim Says:

    I stared at the espresso machine for several minutes today. I thinking about drawing! My current goal is draw “it” before the New Year!

    India, it’s been a week, where’s your drawing?

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