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five minute sketch – Day 30! November 30, 2006

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Put off drawing all day. Must be something in my psyche, it seems that as I approach the end of a goal I tend to ease up. So, to combat that I decided to face one of my biggest challenges – the quick draw.
(Unfortunately now I have an image of some cartoon hound dog in a vest with a gun? It’s like having an annoying tune in your mind only visual – ow, ow, ow!)
I have decided to continue drawing. I’ve been inspired by elizabethperry’s work this month and plan to draw daily in December with a still life repetition challenge. It might force me to use different mediums! Once I figure out the still life I plan to take a photo – or as Markdm suggested several photos from different angles!


2 Responses to “five minute sketch – Day 30!”

  1. I’m suddenly stuck thinking of Quick Draw McGraw — not a dog but a horse. But with Hanna-Barbera cartoons, it’s not easy to identify species.

  2. kim Says:

    Very true Cynthia! I think somehow I morphed Deputy Dawg, Snuffles and Quick Draw into one.

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