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Black Friday November 26, 2006

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I usually stay home and hide under the couch on the day after Thanksgiving, but I had a wedding to attend on Saturday and discovered on Thursday that neither of the never-worn formal dresses I’d had in mind to wear, um, fit anymore. Oops. When did that happen?

I have a lot of dresses, but most of them are everyday affairs, or inappropriate for November. I knew this would be a relatively casual wedding (as it turned out, the groomsmen all wore white Converse sneakers), but if you can’t dress up for a wedding, when can you dress up? So out I went into the Black Friday madness. And let me tell you, it was scary out there.

At first I was very focused. I took the subway to SoHo and shoved my way directly to Max Studio, the store for which I had the highest hopes. Of course, they didn’t have the dress I wanted in my size, but I didn’t really have a Plan B, so I spent maybe an hour there trying things on. Eventually I left with a black-and-white flowered dress and a graceful but too-solemn skirt, and then I went across the street to Eileen Fisher and got a much more grown-up solid black dress. The material was gorgeous, and the dress was on deep, deep sale, and I know that all the cool people are wearing black to weddings these days, but I just don’t enjoy wearing black. The stores were mobbed, though, and my feet were already starting to hurt (you have to wear heels when you’re going to try on clothes that you’re planning to wear with heels, of course), so then . . . I went to Camper to console myself. There, I got these shoes that do not go with either of the dresses I bought, nor would I wear them to the wedding anyway, since I can’t dance in wedges, and I don’t even like wedge heels, but . . .


I mean, come on. A flower and grass? I had to.


20 Responses to “Black Friday”

  1. Those shoes are awesome. And you are awesome for facing the horror that is Black Friday shopping.

    I’m glad you found a dress that works for you — I know what you mean about not wanting to wear black so much. It’s really not flattering for most complexions, and other colors are much more interesting. But black can still be elegant and cool, and I’m sure you looked exceptional.

  2. kim Says:

    I love the drawing. The shoes… well, if they make you happy that’s all that matters. (BTW, I have boring, no, really boring shoes!)

  3. India Amos Says:

    I always get compliments when I wear black—especially from my mother, who would probably be most pleased if I wore a black burqa every day: “So slimming!”—but it’s the uniform in New York, and if I wanted to wear a uniform, I’d join the fire department, you know? Besides, I wore black all through junior high and high school; I got over it at the same time I got over Madonna.

    Not surprisingly, then, I hate boring shoes, too. And I have very few pairs of black shoes, as I only wear them with black clothes, which I almost never wear. Black handbags? None that I use. Black coats? One, but my coat du jour is green with orange buttons. Green mascara. Pink umbrella. I don’t even use black pens at the office.

  4. Love the drawing and adore the shoes. Have lusted after similar pairs of Campers on eBay. It makes me so happy that there is a company out there creating shoes which go together without matching – shoes with a sense of humor. Congratulations on the find!

  5. Elisabeth Says:

    Great shoes! I love Camper. (And I love shoes …)
    I got a really nice dress this weekend too. (Dark green.)
    We have a fancy christmas party at work with lots of important writers, journalists and celebritys in this gorgeous old building, and I always try to avoid wearing black, since 98% of the people at this party wears black. -One year I was the only woman out of about 150 not wearing black, white, brown or gray. I had a bright red dress. Perfect! :-D

  6. India Amos Says:

    My new Campers are making their debut today with a brown corduroy skirt with green polka-dots. Not only do they go with each other, but the whole outfit matches our blog. Happy!

  7. Elisabeth Says:

    Argh! Envy! I love polka-dots … I love corduroy … I love campers …
    I want your outfit! I don’t even care to know what kind of stylish sweater you have on. I’m sure it is perfect too,

  8. India Amos Says:

    Nah, the sweater’s nothing special. But the coat—grass-green tweed with orange buttons? You’ll probably want that . . .

  9. Me, too – can we cut it in half? (I’m left-handed.)

  10. India Amos Says:

    I don’t think that would be fair to Elisabeth: you’d get all the buttons except the two on the right cuff.

    (Meanwhile, did I mention that it has a bright purple lining?)

  11. Aw. And it would be just the thing to wear when it gets too chilly to wear my pink and orange reversible raincoat…

    Maybe we could file for joint custody?

  12. Elisabeth Says:

    Joint custody? That seldom works out well when the parties live in different countries, does it? I think the coat would be better off with me. After all, Norway is a safe and quiet place to live. And there is so much winter here that the coat would never feel forgotten. It would be in use more or less all year.

  13. Ah, well… you are right. These things always ought to be decided with the best interests of the coat in mind. I will put personal feelings to one side and let the coat go. (Small sigh.) Perhaps I might have visitation privileges?

  14. India Amos Says:

    The solution may be for each of you to buy the coat. Elizabeth can get it here; Elisabeth can have her agent in the UK acquire it from here.

  15. Elisabeth Says:

    My agent in the UK? Hm. Has to work on that one. I do know someone over there, but I’m doubting that sending me clothes is a top priority.

    By the way, India, I got a mail from the Stain-teacup-lady today …

  16. India Amos Says:

    Yes, yes, and what did she say? I got “Koppene koster 35£”; and did you say that one must reserve them in advance? Oh, when is Google going to add Norwegian to the list of languages it can translate?!

  17. India Amos Says:

    Oh, also, I’ll be in London most of next week. If you need anything exported, I’m your woman . . .

  18. Elisabeth Says:

    *Writing list of things for India to send*

  19. Elisabeth Says:

    About the cups – I’ll send you the e-mail I got.
    It is in English.

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